Eco-Friendly Traveling Tips

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Traveling is very fun and provides a lot of experience in life. Will be more valuable when traveling, we also while preserving and helping preserve the environment. Well, here are tips on traveling environmentally friendly that we can try:

1. Use general transportation

When traveling on holiday or traveling, be sure to use public transport for the destination.

This certainly saves fuel and money. When all travelers use this method, how friendly is the environment because it does not add to the pollution?

2. Use service wisely

Staying at a hotel or other place of stay often makes us misuse existing facilities, such as lights, air conditioning, television, and more. Although it has paid, but the wise behavior is not to throw away these resources in vain.

3. Use room facilities wisely

If the towels, bed linen, and bedclothes at our lodge are still clean, do not need to be replaced every day. We can save a lot of energy for this.

4. Help protect wildlife

When visiting a place, do not buy animals from endangered species. This is illegal. We must also support the killing and destruction of wildlife. Do not endanger local animals of any kind.

5. Do not camp or hike in forbidden areas

In some cases, local governments provide special routes for hiking and trekking for tourists. However, not a few who violate the boundaries of the area provided and this can endanger the environment, especially areas planted with plants.

6. Stop a temporary newspaper subscription

Tips on doing eco-friendly traveling are simple and useful that many travelers are about subscription newspaper at home. Leaving the house for a while, you should also temporarily stop the newspaper subscription, especially if you are away for long periods of time. This will help save lots of paper and felled trees.

7. Bring your own shopping bags

To reduce the use of plastic bags, make it a habit to carry your own shopping bags. Choose a shopping bag that can be folded briefly.

8. Bring your own drinking bottle

During the trip do not forget to bring your own drink bottle. Because in addition to frugality, we do not need to buy a drink at the store. While at the hotel we can fill with water before starting traveling. So we can reduce the use of plastic bottles when traveling.

Goods Must Carry When Traveling Long Term

Traveling long-term course requires more preparation. For those of you who want to travel long, here are 4 items you should bring.

Before traveling, travelers often carry many items that are ultimately unused. It was a problem, especially for those who want to travel along with a span of time monthly to yearly.

For that, the traveler must be wise to bring the goods for the smooth long-term traveling. Here are some items that you must bring:

1. Digital Scales

One of the scourges of long-term travel is the weight of the swollen suitcase because of the most souvenirs. Though the airline has a maximum weight limit for the suitcase.

One way to outsmart is to bring digital scales. So the traveler can make arrangements or set the suitcase strategy at night before departure day by plane.

Along with the development of the times, the form and variety of digital scales were more concise and easy to carry. So the traveler should not hesitate to buy and bring digital scales.

2. Raincoat

Traveling for long-term, meaning you also have to prepare raincoats for anticipation. At least if you bring a raincoat, can anticipate the sudden rain that can come suddenly.

Rain coat is easily found in places that sell mountain equipment, or can also buy online. Choose the appropriate budget and individual taste.

3. Mobile phone wrapper

Traveling long-term in the digital age certainly demands a traveler to greatly keep the phone. Remembering mobile phones is a way to communicate to capture moments.

Therefore, it's good you bring a cell phone wrapper. Its function of course is to protect the phone from water to impact. It would be great if you have a waterproof phone to dust and impact.

4. Bottle drink

Drinking becomes a major requirement of the traveler while traveling. The good news, not a few airports or a number of places that provide free drinking water.

To reduce expenses, you can also bring bottles to drink. Instead of you have to spend money to buy a drink, mending refill refills for free

Some of the above items would be very useful for you who want to travel long distances. Yes, at least can save expenses.

Safe Tips Bring Laptops during the Holidays

Carrying a laptop when traveling is the best choice to accompany vacation time. However, many are complaining about damaged or lost laptop when placed in the trunk of the plane.

Sure, you have to be careful in keeping your laptop while in flight or traveling. Not to mention there are some strict countries to check the state of the laptop.

Pack carefully

Think of it when you're packing a laptop, like you're packing a fragile flower. Therefore, it is advisable to use box and laptop wrap to facilitate traveling. Make sure also been closed tight so it is not easy to fall.

Have a backup plan

Use your money very well and wisely, like buying a hard drive that makes you as a traveler no need to worry about important data in the laptop will be lost. In addition, you can also carry it into the cabin plane with ease.

Use the pass code

Today many people are using gadgets with access codes that are hard to know about. If you yourself have not created the code, better do it now.

Clean documents is not important

When traveling is recommended only important data that you bring to your journey. And clean the laptop from data that is not important for the benefit of the safety of your own data.

Get out of Face book and Twitter

Social media is also the most important thing to be disabled during traveling, because if someone knows your account, then blink for hijacking. They could have accessed all the data on your laptop.

Always turn off the laptop

The name of traveling, must often move places. Maybe you are too lazy to turn off the laptop and move a little while.

But actually just make sleep or hibernate will be dangerous for laptop. When the machine is still working and has been hit by many shocks will make the laptop vulnerable damaged.

Tips On Cruises

If this is your first time on a Cruise Ship Cruise, browse the internet frequently to find out the condition of the cruise ship. The position of the room will be divided into even and odd. The right side of the ship is a room with an odd number and vice versa. Many people get lost when leaving the room and confused when they want to go back to the room.
Usually you will do a drill passenger on the first day before the boat sails. This is a mandatory rule that you must follow. Listen to commands via loudspeakers and you need to know your life boat number, so you know where to go when the passenger drill takes place. Do not be afraid, many crew members will help. There are many new things that you certainly do not know about this cruise ship.

Prepare enough clothing
Do not bring too many clothes, just prepare it. You can use the laundry facilities provided by the hotel or cruise ship. Remember also that you will later buy souvenirs for souvenirs at home. If it's too full you'll need extra luggage that might add to your travel expenses.

Bring Light Food
Snack foods can be brought into the yacht as long as it is not fresh food like fruits and vegetables, but packaged and not large. Snack like nuts, biscuits or instant noodles can be brought and stored in the room. Also prepare a chili or instant coffee that can at least complement your food.

Prepare the medicines you need. Especially if you're not feeling well or are in a condition of recovery. Basic drugs such as paracetamol, cold medicine, cough medicine and liniment can be brought to the cruise ship. Drug prices abroad are definitely expensive, do not let you miss and forget to bring the necessary medicines.


Cruise Traveling is different. You will be at sea for a few days before reaching a particular port. If you are often drunk traveling when traveling away, then you should be vigilant if you could just has seasickness. Cruise ship management usually provides a sea sick pill to anticipate this situation. That must be remembered is to always keep the body fit and also not late to eat and enough rest.

Tips To Be Ready To Travel Sports

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Sports tourism is so rampant in Indonesia. Efforts for healthy living have also become the need of people who crave health. The beautiful panorama seems to greatly support the interest of outdoor sports enthusiasts who are spirited travelers on sports tours. Thus, the health gained becomes multiplied.

Of course it takes some preparation if you want to choose sports tourism as a livener of your life this time. There are some tips to help remind you who are preparing to join the sport tourism program.

Learn the area

You can gather a variety of current information about sports tours through various media. Web, travel books, friends can also be there. Make sure you know will face the situation and conditions like what, as well as how to overcome them. All of that information will determine your decision to get involved in a sports tourism program or not.

Prepare Body Condition

Traveling with the prime body is very important, can build a happy spirit for the body. Prepare your condition as best you can. Keep your immune system, if necessary, prepare vitamins to fit the body.

Do not forget to warm up before doing sports. Stretch the muscles before exercising pending to avoid bodily injury.

Bring enough Needs

Customize the luggage associated with your sporting tour. No need to overdo it because it will bother you later. Prepare bags that you can carry everywhere, and bags that you live in a place like in a hotel for example. Separate luggage that is easy to carry anywhere and which must be left behind.

Keep Watch with Drugs

There's nothing wrong with taking drugs just in case. Not necessarily the paramedics at the sporting tourism sites will come quickly when you need help as soon as possible. P3K personal that you can prepare according to the needs of your medical history.

Prepare Psychological Conditions

Keep your emotions. You most know your personal character. Your comfort and enjoyment in sporting tours depends on your mood. So try to keep the emotional stability and manage it as well as possible. Give reward to you if successful solve one challenge.

Set up Personal Documentation

Recording in the form of photos, writing, video, can add vibrant your sporting tour. Prepare the equipment, fill the battery and so on.

Traveling Tips Safe for Women

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Traveling is fun, especially if it's done after you've passed a tough job. The holiday seemed so much more valuable. Usually we are always on vacation together with friends, relatives, or beloved couple. But there are times when you want to walk alone without being disturbed by anyone. Here are tips when you are a woman and want to walk alone:

1. Choose Trusted Accommodation

Sometimes in traveling alone, we often choose the cheapest lodging and travel costs. Always make sure where you stay and what travel packages you choose. Make sure also that your place of stay is much recommended by many people, so you can sleep soundly without thinking about the evil that will happen to you while sleeping. There is no harm in taking a little time to find out your accommodation information on the internet.

2. Always Sit In the Rear Seat When Using a Taxi

We do not know how the history of crime in a foreign city we will go to. Ask friends who have been there about the dangers of the city you are going to visit. To prevent crime, you can always sit in the back if you use a taxi. Sitting in the backseat can reduce the range of taxi drivers if you get interrupted by the driver. Do not forget to take down the taxi number and notify the people closest to you.

3. Be Careful With Your New Contacts There

In the atmosphere of vacation, usually many people who met with a stranger just to widen the relationship, or a friend to talk during a stop there. But you also have to be wary of them. You could have fallen into the trap of people who intend evil. To avoid this, be flat. Do not be too friendly or too quiet. It would be nice if you rejected the giving of them at the first introduction, especially food and drink.

4. Well Prepared

Find out the conditions of the field where you are traveling. Find interesting places of interest and find out places that are not recommended to go there. Everything is better if prepared first is not it?

5. Going Alone Is Exciting, but It Would Be Good If Someone Accompany

Going alone is fun because you can do whatever you like without the distractions of the people around. You can go to your destination without anyone disturbing your time. But it would be nice if there is someone or some people who accompany you to prevent things that are not desirable.

7 Vacation Tips Save and Exciting

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We're about to enter June. Usually, in the middle of this year, it's time people have free time to vacation with beloved family. No wonder many people are looking forward to this moment. In order for the holiday to be more enjoyable, most people feel that they have to spend a lot of money. The term 'no price, no merchandise' is usually the point of thinking when going on vacation. But not always the thought is true. Vacation can also be done sparingly and still fun.

Fun holidays do not have to go abroad. The location of holiday in Indonesia is very wide and there are very many beautiful places here that will certainly make your holiday more efficient, fun, and certainly closer to your family. So, for you who want a frugal and fun holiday, let's read the following tips.

1. Do a Vacation Location Survey
Before you go on vacation, you must decide where you are going. To make sure that the place you want to go to matches your expectations about the holidays or not. Surveys can be done through the internet, travel books, or brochures from travel agencies.

In addition, by conducting surveys you can start calculating the range of money you need for a vacation to where you are going, and also you can find out if there are promotions or discounts so your willingness to downsize becomes easier.

2. Make Booking from Away Day
After conducting a survey and already determining your destination, you should now start booking transportation tickets, lodging, or even if there are, on-site tour tickets. Usually if the reservation is made from long before the day of H, you will get a cheaper special price or you can get other interesting offers during your vacation.

3. Try to Go Not in the Holiday Season

In most tourist attractions, prices during the holiday season or high season will be more expensive than when in the regular season or low season. Therefore, you will be able to save more if you go before or after the holiday season. In addition, you can more freely if you go not in the holiday season, because usually quieter, so you can enjoy your holiday more.

4. Prioritize Comfort over Luxury
Forget about luxury holidays if you want to save money. But do not get because you are very economical, the holidays become uncomfortable. Prioritize your comfort, whether in choosing transportation, residence, or vacation guide. As long as it is comfortable, everyone will be happy. And surely it would be more fun if you can vacation comfortably, luxurious, but cheap. Maybe, but rarely.

5. Bring Cash
Always take cash while you are on vacation. Of course it's not for spree use, but with cash, you'll be better able to manage your expenses during the holidays. With cash, you can see how much money you have left, so you can think deeper before spending money. If you are afraid of theft, bring enough money, but still bring debit and credit cards Visa or MasterCard. This is to help you when you need money suddenly.

6. Record Holiday Expenses

 Do not forget to always record every expense that you do even if it is small. This will help you organize and know where your money is flowing. By knowing it all, we can suppress our possibilities for extravagant and dissipation that make the holiday to be expensive.

7. Shop!

 This should be your last thought, as this is often the biggest source of your expenses during the holidays. When you go to a vacation, buy a gift and some things are strongly recommended so that you can remember your holiday moments, but do not make shopping your top priority if you do not want to run out of money on the next holiday day.

In addition, look for a cheap but good shopping place. Usually shopping in traditional markets will be cheaper and more diverse than souvenir shops.